Aftermarket Accessories

FEKCMX-X FRONT END KIT FOR PRO RMK: Includes Chrome Molly A-Arms, Billet Aluminum Spindles and all required hardware. Note: see "Shop Talk" for benefits.

$1250.00 - call to order

CMX A armCMX FRONT END KIT: Same as above, but with RAPTOR SHOCKS W/Remote Resi W/20 Position Clicker adjustability

$2300.00 - call to order

cooler The CMX cooler kit is the lightest most efficient cooler on the market. Horse power means heat. If you have cooling problems, the CMX cooler kit is the answer. Kit includes 2ea. 72” legs cut at 45 degrees and 1ea. 15” cross piece cut at 45 degrees. 1” nipples included.

Un-Welded Kit: $200.00 Application: Custom - call to order

cmxds CMXDS
Crazy Mountain Motorsports Inc. was the first to offer a belt drive system as standard equipment on a snowmobile as well as in kit form, for installation on Polaris Pro RMK only. We still have a few Dragon kits available, also. Upgrade from that old heavy chain case drive system. Click on the picture for more information.

We sell all Kmod products.


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