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CMX-X GEOMETRY 101800rmkski

A lot of thought and effort went into the development of the front suspension geometry of the new CMX-X. We ran several different caster angles on our proto-type CMX-X. The best setup we found was 16 degrees. Stock Polaris PRO RMK's run 26 degrees. We found that by moving the spindle caster angle to 16 degrees from 26 degrees, that the effort required by the rider was reduced significantly. We also noticed that the sled turned sharper and had less push while tuning in the powder and even cornering on the trail.

You can see in the pictures how the back of the ski angles change at full turn. At 16 degrees, the back of the ski stays much flatter which gives you a better control surface while carving and side hilling.

The way that we accomplished CMX-X front suspension geometry was by creating our own A-Arms and CMX Billet aluminum spindles. The stock PRO RMK spindles are nice parts, but the problem is that when you go from 26 degrees to 16 degrees of caster angle, the steering arm on the spindle needs to be relocated. The reason that this is important is because if you don't relocate the steering arm, you will end up with a tremendous amount of what is known as "bump steer". Bump steer can be identified by removing the shock and lifting the ski and going through its up and down travel. The ski should not vary from the direction that it is going. This greatly effects how your sled feels and reacts when hitting bumps while cornering. We could also explain the "Ackermann" cause and effect, but we will save that for another time.

We are offering a complete front end kit for the PRO RMK's, which will consist of CMX chrome molly A-Arms, Billet Aluminum Spindles, RAPTOR PERFORMANCE Shocks (with 20 position piggy back reservoirs) and new 8" wide Sly Dog skis. If you thought your PRO carved well in stock form, wait until you ride it with the CMX PRO Front Suspension Kit. You can buy all or any part of the kit listed below.

$1250.00 CMX chrome molly A-Arms and Billet Aluminum Spindles
$1050.00 Raptor Performance Shocks pr.
$450.00 Sly Dog Powder Skis (all mounting hardware and 4" carbides included)
See "photos page" on web site for more pictures of CMX-X/PRO front end kits and parts.

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Click to download the CMX-X front suspension Installation Instructions..
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