CMX Snowbike Kit Pricing

When you purchase a CMX Snowbike Kit, you are getting EVERYTHING you need to transform your dirt bike into an AWESOME CMX SNOWBIKE!

When you buy a CMX Snowbike Kit, you will receive the following:

CMX Chassis Assembly

CMX Belt Drive

Bike Adapter for your specific model

Ski and CMX Spindle

Brake Line

Drive Chain

Installation Instructions

Technical Support for your Installation

Pricing for the 2018/2019 season for CMX is as follows:

Full CMX Snowbike Kit

120″- $6,995.00

129″- $7,295.00

137″- $7,795.00

CMX Snowbike Accessories

Wheel Kit - $300.00

CMX/Roto Pax 2 gal. fuel storage kit - $150.00

CMX/Pelican Case (modd-ed and mounted) - $100.00

CMX Track Only Pricing

120" - $875.00

129" - $900.00

137" - $925.00

CMX 21mm to 28mm Belt Drive Upgrade Kit

Because of the increased traction of the new CMX track, we have had a few customers break belt drive belts. This is interesting, because this has not been an issue prior to the new track. The increase in traction has caused a significant increased load on the belt. For this reason, we have created the 28 MM upgrade kit. The breaking strength of the new 28 MM belt is over 2000 lbs. higher that the 21 MM belt (current standard).

We have upgrade kits in stock right now for our current customers who wish to upgrade to the new system. Not everyone will need or want this upgrade, but we are making it available for existing CMX Kits because we don’t want anyone’s ride to be interrupted with problems.

The new 28 MM system only moves the existing cover out 1/16”.

The costs are listed below. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

28mm CMX Belt Drive Pricing:

Item Regular Price Customer Appreciation Price
Top Sprocket, 35 tooth $200.00 $130.00
Idler Pulley $100.00 $75.00
Bottom Sproket, 40 tooth $225.00 $140.00
Idler pulley bearing, 2 ea. $40.00 $40.00
28mm Betls, 2 ea. $180.00 $180.00
Sprocket Bolts, 12 ea. $12.00 $00.00
Cover Spacer Stud Kit $10.00 $10.00
Total: $767.00 $565.00

The 28mm system will be standard equipment on all future production.